Medical Innovation for Enhanced Patient Care

Founded in 2018, Avicenna.AI was formed through a collaboration between Cyril Di Grandi, a software and medical device expert and Peter Chang, MD, a radiologist and AI expert.

We develop AI-based solutions for radiology that provide healthcare professionals with the ability to accelerate the therapeutic decision-making process and improve patient outcomes.

The company has built a team of experienced professionals from multiple domains of expertise who believe in the power of new technology to meet today’s clinical needs.

Our Journey Through Innovation

Avicenna.AI is born

Founded in June 2018, Avicenna.AI was formed through a collaboration between Cyril Di Grandi, a software and medical device expert and Peter Chang, MD, a radiologist and AI expert.

Avicennai.AI first fundraising

Avicenna.AI secured its initial capital infusion of $2.7 million through investments from the French companies Innovacom and CEMAG Invest.

Product Launch
CINA, a suite of AI tools for Stroke

Avicenna.AI introduced its first products, CINA-ICH and CINA-LVO, triage tools for stroke detection. Both solutions obtained the CE-marking in March, swiftly followed by FDA clearance in June.

Product Launch
CINA Chest for thoraco-abdominal pathologies

Avicenna.AI introduced CINA-PE and CINA-AD, two solutions designed for Pulmonary Embolism and Aortic Dissection detection. These innovations achieved CE-marking in December.

Product Launch
FDA clearance and Launch of CINA-ASPECTS

In May 2021, Avicenna.AI successfully obtained FDA clearance for CINA-PE and CINA-AD, while also launching and securing the CE marking for its new Stroke quantification tool, CINA-ASPECTS.

Avicenna.AI Serie A fundraising

Avicenna.AI secured a Series A funding round, bringing aggregated investment close to $10 million. The round was backed by existing investors Innovacom and CEMAG Invest.

Product Launch
Introduction of the Incidental Suite

Avicenna.AI introduced its new Incidental findings Suite, with the launch of CINA-iPE for unsuspected Pulmonary Embolism detection.

Transforming the future of Healthcare

Avicenna.AI is a venture capital-backed business driven by innovation and a passion for revolutionizing healthcare. In harmony with our investors, Cemag Invest and Innovacom, Avicenna.AI envisions a future where healthcare professionals harness the full potential of advanced algorithms to expedite therapeutic decision-making. 

Our Core Values


The characteristics and quality of our products reflect the excellence of our team, and we work with determination and rigour to provide our partners with increasingly efficient solutions


We use the power of deep learning to create AI solutions. But learning is also fundamental to how we operate as a company, and we continually seek to challenge ourselves.


Throughout our business, we bring together the experts that can make a difference – from specialists in machine learning and software development to leaders in radiology and clinical practice.


Sharing and fairness are important to us, and these values contribute to the way we develop our products and allow us to provide the most effective solutions to our customers.,  work as a group to achieve our common goals. 


 Innovation expresses our desire to open new ways to bring better, and more efficient solutions to our customers. We make innovation a challenge within our company.

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