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“Time is brain” is a well-known adage, particularly for patients with head trauma and stroke, where every minute counts.

Avicenna.AI provides efficient solutions not only for the detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and hemorrhagic stroke, but also for the identification and quantification of acute ischemic stroke.

Our triage tools enable fast detection to improve clinical workflow. We address data overload and fatigue to reduce errors and misdiagnosis. 

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Intracranial hemorrhages (ICH) impact over two million individuals worldwide, with a high patient mortality rate of 40-50% within one month and 80% disability despite aggressive care.

Early and precise diagnosis of ICH is crucial for prompt therapeutic responses and improved outcomes.

CINA-ICH is able to detect suspected intracranial hemorrhage on Non-Contrast CT Scan, significantly reducing turnaround time for head trauma injuries, and hemorrhagic stroke patients.

CINA-ICH is capable of identifying five categories of intracranial hemorrhages, which encompass: IPH – Intraparenchymal, IVH – Intraventricular, SAH – Subarachnoid, SDH – Subdural, and EDH – Epidural. 

Learn more about the validation of our CINA-ICH solution.

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There are two types of acute ischemic strokes: small vessel occlusion (SVO) and large vessel occlusion (LVO).

Approximately 80% of all strokes are caused by Ischemic stroke due to a Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO).

Early diagnosis of LVO is crucial as every 10 minutes of delay can significantly impact the patient’s disability outcome.

CINA-LVO swiftly detects LVO in the anterior circulation (distal ICA, M1, or proximal M2) on head CT angiographies and prioritizes these cases in the radiologist’s worklist.

Learn more about the validation of our CINA-LVO solution.

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The ASPECTS (Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score) is a scoring system used in radiology to assess early signs of ischemic stroke on a computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain. CINA-ASPECTS, an AI-based quantification tool, facilitates faster, more consistent, and precise assessment of acute ischemic stroke.

Besides the ASPECT Score, CINA-ASPECTS offers:

  • A heat map indicating the probability of hypodensity and/or sulcal effacement,
  • Outlines infarcted regions, 
  • A summary chart with mean Hounsfield Unit per region.

This standardized approach enhances the evaluation of ischemic stroke cases eligible for mechanical thrombectomy and/or intravenous thrombolysis (IVT).

Learn more about the validation of our CINA-ASPECTS solution.

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CINA, medical images analysis software, is a medical device manufactured Avicenna.AI. This medical device is reserved for health professionals.

This software has been designed and manufactured according to the EN ISO 13485 Quality management system. Read the instructions in the notice carefully before any use.

  • Instructions for Use are available here.

  • Manufacturer: Avicenna.AI (France). 

  • Medical devices Class I following European Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE.

  • Medical devices Class II following the Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America 21CFR on Medical Devices.

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