A Broad Suite of AI Solutions for Radiology

We are leading the way to the next generation of healthcare with our comprehensive suite of radiology solutions, focused on emergency imaging, and incidental findings. Designed around patient management, our goal is to accelerate and improve therapeutic decision-making processes for better quality of care, better patient outcomes, and cost reduction.

Reducing Interpretation Time

At Avicenna.AI, our AI-based tools are designed to expedite disease detection processes, providing swift and accurate results. Leveraging advanced technologies and algorithms, our tools empower healthcare professionals to identify conditions promptly, ensuring timely intervention and treatment.

Optimizing Patient Management

Efficient patient management is crucial in delivering high-quality healthcare. With Avicenna.AI’s solutions, healthcare professionals can streamline patient workflows, prioritize critical cases, and allocate resources effectively. This optimization leads to improved patient outcomes and enhanced overall healthcare efficiency.

Increasing Clinicians Productivity

With our AI tools handling routine tasks, radiologists can process a larger volume of cases within a shorter timeframe. This increased productivity helps radiology departments handle growing workloads, reduce turnaround times, and enhance patient satisfaction by providing timely reports and interventions.

Experience our Plug & Read Solutions

Seamlessly integrated into the CT scan workflow, our plug and read AI applications optimize processes, and boost efficiency. By alleviating repetitive tasks, valuable time is redirected to complex cases, enhancing critical decision-making.

In a hospital setting, our seamless integration revolutionizes resource utilization. Workflow streamlining drives operational efficiency, reduces overhead expenses, and empowers healthcare providers to allocate resources precisely where they’re needed most.

Our CINA Portfolio​


Solutions for neurovascular pathologies


Solutions for thoraco-abdominal pathologies

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