A Comprehensive Suite of Radiology Solutions

We are leading the way to the next generation of healthcare with our comprehensive suite of radiology solutions, focused on emergency imaging and life-threatening diseases and incidental findings. Designed around patient management, our goal is to accelerate and improve therapeutic decision-making processes for better quality of care, better patient outcomes, and cost reduction.

We provide radiologists and other healthcare professionals with tools to minimize repetitive tasks and optimize their work. Following years of research, our high-performance tools are now ready for daily use in the form of our CINA solutions

Standing for Comprehensive and Integrated Neural networks Approach, CINA uses deep learning to identify and detect life-threatening pathologies from CT medical images. CINA is seamlessly integrated within clinical workflow, automatically triggering and reporting algorithm results through the systems already used by radiologists.

Our CINA Portfolio​


Solutions for neurovascular pathologies


Solutions for thoraco-abdominal pathologies

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