Let's work Together!

Fully automated and seamlessly integrated into existing systems, our solutions optimize radiology worklists by detecting pathology locations and providing quantitative measurements. Our 24/7 AI support helps avoid misdiagnosis and reduces stress, providing immediate assistance to radiologists. CINA solutions are vendor-neutral and provide high performance in high pressure environments, validated using data from more than 250 US hospitals. Today, our tools are integrated with trusted healthcare providers worldwide.

Avicenna expertise

Dedicated Resources and Expertise

We work with industry experts, radiologists, and software engineers to optimize medical imaging workflow and patient management.

Seamlessly integrated

Integration Level

Using task automation to optimize the work of radiologists, our solutions are seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

Multiple Products in a Single Partnership

We provide a suite of advanced AI algorithms that provides solutions to global clinical challenges.

Our Partners

By sharing our technology, we believe we can benefit the world. Our goal is to ally with other  industry-leading and trusted partners in healthcare to ensure our ground-breaking algorithms and solutions can benefit as many people as possible

Let’s work together!

Partner with us!

We have built innovative technologies that change how AI is used. Partner with us, and let’s improve radiology together.

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