We are committed to Cybersecurity

As a medical device manufacturer, we are committed to offering secure products, and training our teams in cybersecurity matters, so that cyber threat awareness stays top of mind.

Avicenna.AI is certified ISO 27001 by a renown Notified Body (SGS), which proves our commitment to safeguarding data privacy and cybersecurity within our company and towards our partners, and customers. 

According to the respective countries’ requirements and industry best practices, all our products are validated before their release for patient safety and continuous operations. We perform continuous monitoring to protect our software from security vulnerabilities.

Data Privacy

Protecting the privacy of patient data is one of our priorities. Data protection is incorporated from the product design until its deployment. Our company processes personal data belonging to EU and US citizens, it’s our obligation to comply with the relevant privacy legislation (GDPR and HIPAA).

Cloud Security

Our cloud-based solutions are secured against breaches and malicious attacks. All the information is encrypted, including in-transit from your site and our cloud infrastructure.

Please contact support@avicenna.ai for obtaining the most recent copy of our Certificates.

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