CINA HEAD SOLUTION - triage solution for neurovascular emergencies - Cina head solution


Triage solution for neurovascular emergencies

CINA® Head is a triage solution for neurovascular emergencies. This bundle offers automatic detection of intracranial hemorrhages (ICH), large vessel occlusion (LVO), and automatic estimation of ASPECT score. With an emergency triage system, we allow radiologists to identify pathologies that require urgent care.

The solution, CINA ®,  is based on CT-scan imaging. We use artificial intelligence to create algorithms that can determine the most urgent cases. Thanks to a data collection on the neural network architecture our application searches for certain pathologies. Our solution is based on strong technology combining deep learning and machine learning.

Let us help you determine the issues. We gather and you focus on the interpretation.

Our main mission is to facilitate the work of radiologists thanks to our emergency triage system


Emergency triage system

Intracranial Hemorrhage

Real time triage and diagnostic rule out

Our CINA ® ICH solution detects the urgent bleeding that occurs inside the skull. It is a triage mechanism that allows physicians to identify and prioritize the most urgent cases.

ICH was trained on more than 10 000 cases from 35 CT-Scanner types with an validation done on 850 cases from 41 CT scanner types in more than 250 centers. Its accuracy percentage is 96%, 92% for sensitivity and 97.5% for specificity.

  • Automatic detection and prioritization of acute intracerebral hemorrhage on non-contrast CT (NCCT)
  • Mobile/email notification
  • Web browser preview and notification
  • PACS export
Intracranial Hemorrhage. ICH

Large Vessel Occlusion

Large Vessel Occlusion. LVO

Real time triage to decrease time to treatment

LVO occurs when a clot blocks the circulation of the blood in the brain having deadly consequences for the brain parenchyma. Our CINA ® LVO tool is designed to detect the occlusion in the middle cerebral artery. Thanks to a triage system physicians are able to automatically detect and prioritize acute LVO on CTA.

LVO was trained on more than 3000 cases with an validation done on more than 450 cases. It’s accuracy, sensibility and specificity percentage is 98%.

  • Automatic detection and prioritization of acute LVO on CTA
  • Mobile/email notification
  • Web browser preview and notification
  • PACS export


Fast and consistent score, thus reduce inter-reader variability

The Alberta stroke program early CT score (ASPECTS) 1 is a 10-point quantitative topographic CT scan score used in patients with middle cerebral artery stroke. Our CINA ® Aspects score software allow to detect the level of the patient’s stroke and thus to provide an adequate response according to the needs.

Our tools afford a very accurate preprocessing and an accurate computation.

  • Automatic ASPECTS (Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score) on NCCT 
  • Heatmap computation overlaid with ASPECT scoring
  • Web browser preview
  • PACS export
Aspects score results


(ICH and LVO) is CE marked and FDA cleared

ASPECTS is for research use only.



The CT images go directly to our server which sort the data, process them and prioritize the cases thanks to our triage system . The output images can be visualized in the PACS.

Application made for Neuro-imaging Emergency
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