AI Triage solution for emergency radiology provides medical imaging artificial intelligence solutions for emergency radiology. We use deep learning to optimize the radiologists’ manual tasks thanks to a triage solution.


Who are we? 

  • A company that provides solution to emergency radiology. We cooperate with experts, radiologists and software engineers to optimize medical imaging workflow and management.
  • We decrease the radiologists’ workload and improve interpretation ease when using our medical imaging software.

How we accomplish our results 

  • By focusing on the clinical program, our innovative algorithms help radiologists provide fast and reliable interpretations.

    • By providing a triage solution for emergency radiology, aids the prioritization of cases to improve patient care.

  • By integrating radiologists’ broad expertise with deep learning capabilities, we ensure effective tools for clinical use.


Why ?

  • Partnership with international experts in medical imaging and emergency radiology solutions.
  • A shared vision to improve patient care while reducing the workload of radiologists
  • Continuous innovation

Effective AI tool for daily clinical use

AI for radiology

Artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of our solutions. We provide tailored optimizations for radiologists through the automation of their tasks. This reduces data overload, stress, and fatigue.

Fast and reliable interpretation capability

Thanks to our solution, improves radiologists’ ability to quickly detect emergency pathologies and provide an efficient diagnosis.

Our expertise for patient care

Our innovation puts the patient at the core of our solutions, we enable rapid detection of their disease and thus a more effective and efficient management

Empowering neurovascular management with AI

CINA® head is a triage solution for neurovascular emergencies. This bundle offers automatic detection of intracranial hemorrhages (ICH), large vessel occlusions (LVO), and automatic estimation of ASPECT scores. With’s emergency triage application, we allow real-time detection of critical pathologies that require immediate care.

Using CT-scan imaging, our artificial intelligence algorithms detect the most urgent cases. Thanks to our unique neural network architectures, CINA® head application searches for specific pathologies with high sensitivity and specificity.


Why AI?

The goal of AI is to simulate human intelligence, it has become indispensable in many areas, including the sphere of medicine.

AI offers infinite range of automation to burdening tasks on the practicing radiologists, hence decreasing data overload, stress and fatigue.

Let's Partner Together has built technologies that change how AI is used. Partner with us to improve radiologists’ capabilities together.

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