Empowering Emergency Radiology with AI

Avicenna.AI provides artificial intelligence solutions for emergency radiology. We cooperate with experts and software engineers to optimize radiologists’ manual tasks thanks to high-performance tools. Our main mission is to facilitate the work of radiologists thanks to our emergency applications. We use artificial intelligence to create algorithms that can determine the most urgent cases. Thanks to a data collection on the neural network architecture our application searches for certain pathologies on CT-Scan and prioritizes the cases thanks to our triage solutions. Our solution is based on strong technology combining deep learning and machine learning.

Avicenna provides innovative and effective AI tools for daily clinical use. Our innovation puts the patient at the core of our solutions, we enable fast detection of their disease and thus a more efficient management.

We partner with international experts in medical imaging and emergency radiology to  reduce the workload of radiologists.

Our goal is to aid the prioritization of cases to improve patient care. Avicena.ai improves radiologists’ ability to quickly detect emergency pathologies and provide an efficient diagnosis.

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Avicenna.AI has built technologies that change how AI is used.
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