Meet the team #5: Dieliya Diop

Dieliya DIOP

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Innovation Management, I joined the Avicenna Ai team on March 30, 2020. 

I have a rather peculiar academic background. For two years I did a bachelor degree in business management at the CESAG Business School in Dakar where I acquired a lot of knowledge in the field of management, especially in human resources management and marketing. During this two years, my involvement in several associations and organizations such as AMNESTY and AIESEC allowed me to boost my teamwork skills , with significant participation in projects on social, humanitarian, leadership and entrepreneurship.  I also did a three-month internship in a start-up specialized in managing urban culture artists, Service Support de l’industrie.

After these two years, I joined the Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Administration with a specialization in Social and Political Science from the University of Aix Marseille. This choice is explained by the fact that I have always been passionate about political sociology. 

 Today I continue my studies with a master’s degree in innovation management, with expertise in digital marketing and communication.

What I liked about Avicenna Ai was the flexibility of start-up environment. Indeed, I love working in an innovative and autonomous environment. In fact, in this type of organization the staff has more freedom in carrying out their duties, this allows to be able to develop creativity and to feel more useful in the evolution and development of the brand. Avicenna Ai is a completely innovative company, particularly with artificial intelligence.

My goal following this internship would be to complete my master’s degree in Innovative Product Marketing on an work-study scheme with a specialization focused on digital communication. And subsequently to integrate a company as a communications head.

Meet the team #4: Emilie Coudeyre

Being in my last year of engineering school at Télécom Physique Strasbourg, I had to do an internship at the end of my studies. During my studies, I specialized in the medical field, so for my internship I chose a company in this field. Avicenna combines the field of medical imaging, the possibility of discovering the profession of product engineer and the environment of a small company, which guided my choice for my internship. 

After this internship, I would like to continue in the medical world and more particularly in a company working on medical images.

Meet the team #3: Gloria Miassi

From an initial training as a medical electro-radiology manipulator, I then went on to a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, with the aim of completing my schooling.

What attracted me to Avicenna was the interface between artificial intelligence and medical imaging, as well as the opportunity to participate in innovative projects. 

At the end of this internship, I plan to join a company specialising in the field of medical imaging with a position that is consistent with my curriculum.

Meet the team #2: Floriane Cannet

Floriane also joined us at the beginning of February to work on the development of our own tools with Arthur.

After obtaining my Bac S, I went to Polytech Grenoble to do an integrated prep course and then to be able to enter the Biomedical Engineering speciality at Polytech Marseille. This course was the best compromise between health and science, which are my two fields of interest. During my training, I heard a lot about the emergence of artificial intelligence in healthcare. I wanted to learn more about it, which I was able to do during my internship last year at CHU Sainte-Justine in Montreal (an awesome Canadian adventure!). After this internship, where I discovered Machine Learning, I wanted to stay in the AI field and be as close as possible to new technologies and tools that help medicine. This is what has led me to Avicenna.AI, as part of the R&D team.

What attracted me to Avicenna: the artificial intelligence challenge, applied to emergency pathologies, therefore to be taken care of quickly to avoid any additional damage to the patient. The fact that I can also work on projects that aim to help radiologists and save them time and expertise, the ultimate goal of which is to provide the best possible care for patients. Finally, being part of a growing start-up is also a great experience, and allows you to be in a friendly atmosphere, which makes the work more enjoyable!

For the future, I would like to stay in the field of artificial intelligence in the health sector. I am also thinking about the possibility of doing a master’s degree or a thesis (cifre) to enrich my knowledge.

Meet the team #1 Arthur Blandin

Arthur was the first intern to join us in early february for working on our internal tools:

I’ve been back in school since last year, and I wanted to discover the world of biomedical science, especially imaging. is for me an opportunity to discover the start up spirit and to strenghten my basis in image processing and artificial intelligence seen during my two years of masters. 

In the near future, I would like to be able to continue in this way!

Arthur nous a rejoint début février pour travailler sur nos outils internes.En reprise d’étude depuis l’année dernière, j’ai voulu découvrir l’univers du biomédical et tout particulièrement l’imagerie. est pour moi l’opportunité de pouvoir découvrir l’esprit start-up et d’approfondir mes bases en traitement d’images et intelligence artificielle vue au cours de mes deux années de masters. 

J’aimerai pouvoir continuer dans cette voie pour les années à venir!