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Thursday, 30th April was held the webinar organized by Dicom Systems in collaboration with Avicenna.AI. Hosted by Florent Saint Clair, Executive Vice President at Dicom System, and Peter Chang, neuroradiologist and co-founder of Avicenna.AI, the two speakers addressed the topic “machine learning for emergency radiology”, especially the consequences that the health crisis of COVID19 has on the world of radiology.

In the field of medical imaging, artificial intelligence (AI) is at a prominent place. AI has a great impact in our working live, and helps with the interpretation of the images. It has a wide range of possibility. However, one key question is to determine what is really feasible and clinically useful . What are the overriding changes that AI has made? To this question our panelists have provided answers that meet our expectations.

The company Avicenna.AI, thanks to artificial intelligence, transforms and improves the work of radiologists with a triage system that prioritize cases. This new solution saves radiologists time and helps for the diagnosis. In this case, we see that artificial intelligence has brought about significant changes in the field of medical imaging. 

Our speakers also discussed the hot topic of COVID19 and its consequences. Indeed, in the face of this unprecedented crisis, a major finding has emerged in the medical field: it is imperative to rethink our working methods. This crisis has highligthed the weaknesses of our medical system, but also highlighted new opportunities and new ways of working. Our speakers said it will be necessary to accelerate the development and deployment of AI to support and accompany the search for a solution to the disease. But how to support his research?

Review the webinar to discover:

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