Meet the team #2: Floriane Cannet

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Floriane also joined us at the beginning of February to work on the development of our own tools with Arthur.

After obtaining my Bac S, I went to Polytech Grenoble to do an integrated prep course and then to be able to enter the Biomedical Engineering speciality at Polytech Marseille. This course was the best compromise between health and science, which are my two fields of interest. During my training, I heard a lot about the emergence of artificial intelligence in healthcare. I wanted to learn more about it, which I was able to do during my internship last year at CHU Sainte-Justine in Montreal (an awesome Canadian adventure!). After this internship, where I discovered Machine Learning, I wanted to stay in the AI field and be as close as possible to new technologies and tools that help medicine. This is what has led me to Avicenna.AI, as part of the R&D team.

What attracted me to Avicenna: the artificial intelligence challenge, applied to emergency pathologies, therefore to be taken care of quickly to avoid any additional damage to the patient. The fact that I can also work on projects that aim to help radiologists and save them time and expertise, the ultimate goal of which is to provide the best possible care for patients. Finally, being part of a growing start-up is also a great experience, and allows you to be in a friendly atmosphere, which makes the work more enjoyable!

For the future, I would like to stay in the field of artificial intelligence in the health sector. I am also thinking about the possibility of doing a master’s degree or a thesis (cifre) to enrich my knowledge.

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