Our Company

Avicenna.AI was born in 2018 from the collaboration of Cyril Di Grandi, Software and Medical Device expert and  Dr. Peter Chang, Radiologist and AI expert. This collaboration of experts, radiologists and software engineers who believe that your clinical needs should be the only drivers of new technologies. Thank to a young team with a common goal of innovation, excellence and transmission,  we are bringing a new solution to emergency medicine.

Our Common Ambition

To provide solutions to clinical problems on pathologies with a high occurrence. With a growing number of examinations and constant human resources, the only way to maintain the same level of interpretation quality is to optimize the radiologist’s time by automating all or part of his manual tasks. After several years of research, our team is ready to deliver high-performance tools for use in the daily clinic.

Become a leader in the detection of emergency injuries 

Our products are developed to allow radiologists to detect the most urgent pathologies. The ambition is to become one of the leaders in the detection of emergency injuries by constantly working in the improvement of our solutions carried by a young and dynamic team.

Putting patient health in the thick of our solutions 

Our mission is to provide the patient with a better diagnosis and follow-up experience.

Spread our solutions as widely as possible

Allowing radiologists access to our solutions is our goal. In Avicenna.AI we work to disseminate our products as widely as possible to provide healthcare professionals with tools to improve their diagnosis performance.

Our Goal

Create a clinical product that resolves radiologist issues for the benefit of the patient while focusing on the primary need to save time in the diagnosis.

A new concept is thus conveyed by the brand: provide a fast and reliable response to emergency pathologies. To do this it relies on several techniques namely artificial intelligence, medical imaging all integrated in our solution the CINA ® .

Our Difference

Avicenna ai brings an innovative solution to the market by focusing on the clinical problem and then on the techniques.

Our Values: Excellence, Innovation and Transmission


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


“The only real revolutionary power is the power to invent.”
Joseph Beuys


“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Excellence because we always aspire to the best. In Avicenna we are constantly looking for perfection in order to offer our users the best possible solutions. The characteristics and quality of our products are an ethical part of our group. We work with determination and rigour to provide our partners with ever more efficient solutions. Excellence is our way of being and doing.

Innovation because we are constantly seeking to update our knowledge and expertise. It expresses our desire to open new way of exploration. Our motto in Avicenna is to bring ever more modern, more efficient solutions closer to our customers. We make innovation a challenge within our group, an achievement, a continuous improvement. With us, innovation is at the service of value creation.

Transmission because we encourage the collective fusion of our talents. In Avicenna we are aware of the importance of sharing and fairness, these worth are the foundation of our group. The contribution and commitment of our employees in the realization of our products is what allows us to provide ever more effective answers to our customers. Our entrepreneurial spirit promotes risk-taking and commitment, it means the desire to work as a group to achieve a common goal.

Our Team

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